Company Profile


Timecenter: a reference point in the watch market since 1910!

When back to 1910, George Kougioumtzopoulos moved to Greece from Istanbul to continue a successful career in the art of Silverwork, he couldn’t imagine that he was creating a company that several years later would be as successful and reliable as it is now.

Studying at Phanar Greek Orthodox College (Megali tou Genous Sxoli), knowing fluently three foreign languages - German, French, English - and learning the art of carved and jewelry designer, the future seemed that it would be full of successes.

In Istanbul creates his own shop and goldsmith workshop which quickly distinguished him for his excellent art and his effort to deliver the maximum service satisfaction to his customers.

In turbulent years he made the decision of coming from Constantinople to Athens, Greece, and continue his expertise by establishing a Goldsmith factory in Piraeus.

The Second World War stopped his success, but his restless spirits succeed to overcome.

He started then the representation of many watch companies, such as Roamer, Olma, Doxa, Certina etc.

George Kougiomtzopoulos once more succeed a remarkable progress in trade and steadily manages to consolidate company's position in watch merchandising as one of the most reliable companies in Greece.

The "secret" of success lies in the passion and respect for the recipient, professionalism, and daily involvement and awareness in the field of Timecenter expertise, disseminates these values to his son Polycarpos, who, in 1965, has undertaken the company.

Polycarpos brought fresh ideas and his dynamic characteristics to Timecenter profile and succeed to generate new agreements for the representation of great watch houses.

One of the crucial and innovative decisions of Polycarpos was the move of Timecenter from traditional watchmaking brands in modern brands with main characteristics their watch dependability and their modern design.

This business turn yielded an enviable course for the company because of the interest from many watch brands to lay their representation in a reputable and visionary partner as Timecenter and Polycarpos.

Brands such as JCou, Nixon, Nautica, Timex, Timberland etc., consolidate their presence in Greece By Timecenter.

Timecenter also owns a retail store in Ermou, at the center of Athens Market, where all customers can enjoy the perfect customer service.

Another 'ingredient' for success lies in the fact that Timecenter remain a family company, where three generations share the experience of the founder and mix it with the momentum of the new members, bringing growth for the company even in a difficult period for trade.

In 2012 the company passed into the hands of George Kougioumtzopoulou son of Polycarpos and grandson of the founder.

The new era of e-commerce has reached, market needs and the selectivity of customers encounter new needs that met the ideas of the new CEO, George Kougioumtzopoulos, with very positive results.

Timecenter constantly increases its activities with new services and products, always focusing to the highest customer satisfaction.

In Timecenter time acquires new meaning.

Every moment is important here in Timecenter, 105 years we know how to deliver value to your every minute.